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Welcome to INNOVENTITY: Your Own Web Design and Development Company in Kolkata

Reach Out Your Online Traffic With Our Seamless Website Services

Looking for the right web design and development company in Kolkata? Welcome to INNOVENTITY: Your one stop solution for a robust web footprint.

Today, we live in a world which is heavily dependent on internet and technology driven services. And with the emergence of the new age techniques of digital marketing and services, it is quintessential for any brand to opt for fighting fit website services

The most of the search queries are placed nowadays in the world-wide-web via search engines. And needless to mention that your target end users are also searching for you in the same vertical through relevant search queries. So, the only way to tap your niche crowd is to have a strong web identity for your brand in the web. At INNOVENTITY, our website design and development in Kolkata facilitate you to get the same.

INNOVENTITY is a completely goal oriented and client centric web design and development company in Kolkata, looking forward to cater to your needs. We help you to get the most alluring and effective website which can facilitate you to get visible in front of your target audience. Hence you can easily pull in the right traffic to your site, which can facilitate you to get fruitful business conversions.

Some key Benefits of Availing our Website Services are:

  • Attractive layout and design for catching attention
  • Pulling in the right traffic by effective web presence
  • Seamless browsing experience with faster loading speed
  • Right application of color theme to create purchase impulse
  • Right application of images with relevance to your offerings
  • Crisp and SEO friendly content for description of your product & offerings
  • Mobile optimized site for pulling the visitors on the move
  • Highly responsive site with zero browser issues
  • Offline Browsing facilities for low internet area

    And with the plethora of benefits as stated above, we stand as one of the most trusted & esteemed web design and development company.

    With special reference to one of the latest trends in the world out there, we execute pivotal efficiency in designing e-commerce websites as well. Our web design and development company in Kolkata always comprehend the fact an e-commerce site is strikingly different in comparison to other sites. And on the basis of that, our team takes special care in crafting the right e-commerce site for the online business you have.

    Some key benefits of our e-commerce website services include:

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Right Images Resembling the Virtual Product
  • Responsive Site with Smooth Browsing Facilities
  • Seamless checkout with ‘Add to Cart’ & ‘Save Later’ options

Hassle Free Payment Gateway for Smooth transactions

 So, once you are at INNOVENTITY, you eventually choose the right web design and development company in Kolkata by default. We are your own website designing agency who understand your needs and gift you the quintessential web identity, you need to sustain in this technology driven digital era. 

Book a Free Consultation with us today and stay ahead in the competition.




Search Engine Optimization or SEO happens to be a bleeding edge modern day technique to feature your business. At INNOVENTITY, we are an ace in providing brilliant SEO services to feature your brand right at the top of the search results. This helps the user to visit your site and take a purchase decision right away.


We are a one stop web design and development company in Kolkata, who assist you to get a dynamic web presence for your business. With us, your brand visibility increases to your target end users and you can get the online traffic right away in your site. We ensure to design the best website for your business which bear a high degree of relevance to your target niche. Also we enable a user friendly interface to gift your visitors a smooth browsing experience.


Stay tuned to your end users on the move with our mobile applications. In the era of smartphone, almost every searches are made through mobile applications on the move. So to reach out your audience and intrigue the purchase impulse, you need to have a robust mobile app for your business. Apart from Mobile App development company in Kolkata, we also provide the right mobile application you need, to connect to your end users on the move. Get the right mobile application with us.


Keeping pace with the modern day technology, we at INNOVENTITY also curate cutting edge cloud applications. Apart from being an esteemed web design and development company in Kolkata, we also have our prime focus on developing cloud applications, including e-commerce. Our CMS development happens to be one of our core activity which renders visibility to your contents and blogs, and reach out to your target audience, seamlessly. With our cloud application and management services, you can create the quintessential perception of your brand amongst your visitors.


At INNOVENTITY, our mobile apps are specifically customized and curated as per the need of yours. Being an esteemed Mobile App development company in Kolkata, our mobile apps are no different in creating the right perceptual image of your brand. Also, our mobile apps are optimized to perfection so as to let it appear on the top of searches, when searched with the right keyword. Here, we provide cross platform solutions across all the major verticals of e-commerce, social media and other relevant sectors. Our mobile apps are absolutely business centric and performance oriented, leading to suffice you with measurable benefits.


Professional Insight

Our web design and development company in Kolkata bears 15+ years of experience in this sector. With a record of time tested services and quality deliverables, we indeed stand out of the crowd.

Smart Solutions

Despite the type of business you own, we have our smart solutions lined just round the corner. With us, you can grow seamlessly and stay ahead in competition.

Creative Strategy

Here at INNOVENTITY, our strategies are scalable, flexible, and lasts for a long tenure. We are backed with a strong and efficient strategy team who undergoes deep analysis of your business and curates the right strategy which suits your business. Also, the strategies we provide are ROI driven and yield you the quintessential return against the investment you made.