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If the ever booming IT sector be considered as an engineered marvel, then the lifeline of the same happens to be the innovation of cutting edge customized software.

At INNOVENTITY, we are a Software Development Company in Kolkata, who are specifically involved in making and development of tailored and customized software for the industrial needs.

Since the last few years, the IT sector in Kolkata has experienced a terrific boom. The emergence of skyscraping corporate hubs & condominiums around the sector 5 & New Town area renders a clear picture of the fanatic pace.

And as mentioned earlier, software forms the lifeline of such a sector. At INNOVENTITY, our custom software development services keeps the booming IT sector on the move, with all its dynamism. Hire us today, and get on the edge of a dynamic future ahead. 

Reach Us to Get Custom Software Development Services

As said earlier, the IT sector happens to be an ever booming vertical. And the progressive advancement of technology may inflict certain changes inclusive of customized solutions too. At INNOVENTITY, we are a one stop solution for custom software development services and SEO services in Kolkata.

We always thrive by the motto to cater to the requirement of the dynamic IT sector and its need for software. As an esteemed and responsible custom software development company, we always abide by your requirements and fabricate the exact piece of software you need.

With us, your organization stays updated and benefited with all the latest needs and requirements. Reach us today, to get customized software solutions.

We Follow a Step Wise Process for Your Custom Software Solutions

At INNOVENTITY, we have a well-planned systematic procedure for our custom software solutions. As a responsible software making company our step by step procedure of execution leaves no stone upturned to render you the finest of the deliverables.

A brief representation of the process flow includes:

  • Consultation: The very first step which we follow is a consultation with our client. In this very round we take a note of the exact requirements and the purpose of the required software.

    We talk to our clients in detail and take care of the every minute nitty-gritty. And once that is done, our Software Development Company in Kolkata, take it forward to the next step.

  • Brainstorming: Once the information is collated, our team of experts and planners undergo a serious brainstorming session. The session includes exchange of ideas and a final strategic plan on which the final execution will be done.
  • Fabrication: Once the plan is ready, the very next step happens to be the fabrication and building the app. Our Software Development Company in Kolkata, is backed with the best set of engineers, technicians and fabricators, with years of industry knowledge and exposure.

    As per the inputs collected and planned, they start to develop the software from the scratch, and ensures to complete it with utmost perfection. Once the basic version of the software is created, it is passed on to the senior experts for finishing.

  • Finishing: Finishing happens to be an extremely crucial step. And our custom software development agency, specifically assign this task to the senior experts of the organization.

    They are an ace in this vertical for a prolonged time frame. They always make sure that the finished version of your software turns out to be class apart and a kind of its own.

  • Testing & Glitch Fixing: Once the finished version of the software is done, we subject it to rounds of testing sessions. Our Software Development Company in Kolkata, is specially known fort our testing team.

    They consistently monitor and fix each of the glitch that comes on the way, during the test run. Once the glitches are fixed, the error free version is then subjected to Beta Testing.

  • Beta Testing: Beta testing is the final stage of test run for a software, before launch. In this stage, a panel is created by particularly selecting a team of beta testers.

    The software is forwarded to them to give it a final run in real time application. Each of the feedbacks are collected from them and rigorously monitored to fix any glitch or bugs, finally.

  • Final Launch: Once the beta testing round is over, we pass on the finished product to our client. The software is now ready to launch for application.

So, if you follow the steps clearly, it will render you a vivid picture about us. Our Software Development Company in Kolkata, take immense care about the software you need and design it to the finest level of perfection. And that is the reason, every piece of software released from our house never face a crash, once they are launched.

Why Should You Select Us?

  • True is the fact that there are several Software Development Company in Kolkata, out there, thriving in this competitive era. But developing a custom software is a task which needs strong expertise and years of industry knowledge. Not every random company can get you that.

    However, at INNOVENTITY, we are here to serve you exactly what your organization needs to run their program. We are a team of constantly upgrading software developers, who never miss an updateabout the latest trends, in the field of Information Technology.

    Some key reasons to choose our custom software development services, can be briefed as:

  • Our Team: At INNOVENTITY, we are empanelled with the finest set of engineers and technicians. They have a sound knowledge and years of exposure in this relevant sector. So, once you hire our Software Development Company in Kolkata, you are assured that your project is completely in safe hands.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Here, our services comes at an absolutely reasonable price. If you compare the quality of deliverables, and the price we charge, you will find it absolutely reasonable. Here, we can assure you that no other Software Development Company in Kolkata, can provide you so many benefits at such a price.
  • Uncompromising Quality:Quality is something which we never compromise with. In fact that’s what constitutes the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of our brand. At INNOVENTITY, we always look forward to cover your needs with the exact solution you are looking for. And our procedure is so designed, that it never leave a scope of regret for you.

Timely Deliverables: The moment we take up your assignment, we commit you a speculated time. And then we take it forward to our team, and get it done exactly within that speculated time. As an esteemed Software Development Company in Kolkata, we always value your time. We never miss a deadline and disappoint you with unnecessary delay.

And for all the reasons as stated above, we at INNOVENTITY, indeed stand class apart as a pioneer Software Development Company in Kolkata.

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