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Custom software development

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Apart from regular Web Development we also develop customised Solutions that are tailor-made to your needs only. We call this Custom Software Development. You may be having a unique requirement that does not fit into the normal Web Platforms or Applications readily. We create those Software or SAAS solutions for you.

I have involved myself into numerous SAAS based Solutions and over time the customisation and enhancemeents. Our Software Development involves creating new unique software that work for your business and your industry. We are dedicated to finding and delivering high functioning, usable, and engaging solutions for you.

Some of the SAAS based Solutions we can create for you are:


Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management Solutions provide you complete control of the stock of Items you have and the movement of Stocks. It also records your purchase and how your stock moves or is used. Our inventory control Software can be used in a local setup as well as on cloud equipped with extensive MIS Reporting.


Hotel Management

The entire fuctionality of a Hotel can be managed from a single window Application. We have our own Hotel Management Application which looks into the Booking, Transfer, Food, Restaurant, Billing and Reporting. This can be used both locally or in cloud based environment.


POS for Restaurants

These days Restaurants need to take orders and monitor their delivery online. Our POS for restaurant manages your dalily orders and delivery schedules in a stream lined way so that you do not miss out on any requests and keep your customers happy.



We create custom Billing Systems as per the requirements you have. Our billing system fits your business process and maintains the industry standards.


Ticketing and Service Management

In the service industry Complaint and Ticketing Management system is an essential part of the service. We develop tailor made Ticketing services to schedule, monitor and report any issues, complaints for your products and services. It helps to serve your customers better with an automated process that takes care of all your needs.


Online Reporting for Healthcare

With Healthcare services going digital it is very important to maintain patient Data and Diagnostic Test Reporting Online. We have developed Online Reporting system for Diagnostic centres which is very easy to integrate with your existing EMR Software.


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Our primary development technology is based on Open source for LAMP environment which can be used for the cloud as well as location based LAN supported networks. We develop software that are multi-user and multi-location supported. Our software development techniques support scalability and module based plug and play architecture. We spend tremendous amount of time in quality control to ensure that each and every module of the Software Application functions seamlessly without hindering any process or component of the system.

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