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Ecommerce Websites and Applications

INNOVENTITY: A Premium eCommerce Website Development Company in Kolkata

Transforming your creative ideas into an engaging shipping experience requires specialist skill.Operating as an e-commerce website development company in Kolkata over a decade, we help you create applications no matter what kind of business you have. Our vast range of services can cover it all. Give your business a boost and kick-start your online journey creating an indelible impact.

An industry that is forecasted to be worth close to 6.7 trillion dollars by 2020, E-Commerce is the fastest growing sector on the planet. And, to keep a balance with this pace, you need to get in touch with an e-commerce development company to achieve your goals.

A Genuine E-commerce Development Company: For Engaging & Unique Concepts

We create unique and captivating websites that inspires trust on buying a product. Being a leading eCommerce development company in Kolkata, we thrive in understanding client businesses to deliver smart solutions.

In a world where the markets are flooded with a torrent of options for buyers, it ultimately pays to have a sleek, organized, and magnetic presence on the web. And to cater to this trend, we create alluring eCommerce websites that will encourage the feeling for buying products online.

Where is eCommerce Headed to?

As the competition in the world of online selling and purchase sees a steady rise, we noticed that the new entrants into the business are getting more aggressive. This is no longer a game about creating chockablock websites with an overload of information, but is more about smart design and flawless functioning.

We believe that the only way we can beat the competition is by staying ahead of the curve. As a competent web design company in Kolkata, we know that our ability to represent your e-commerce platform will win over your clientele.

A Full Cycle E-commerce Development Company

Innoventity is a full cycle eCommerce development company in Kolkata to provide a great user experience and guide you through building multiple eCommerce modules. We never limit ourselves to creating an eCommerce platform for our clients. Our expertise is building –

  • Online store
  • Shopping cart
  • Custom e-commerce design
  • Mobile e-commerce solutions
  • Inventory management
  • Payment gateway
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Admin module
  • Product categories
  • Advanced administration control panel

Customized for E-commerce Features Development

We work to define, develop and build custom features and modules to give you an edge over your competition. Understanding the needs of continuous improvement in today’s competitive world, we undergo changes to deliver you the best e-commerce development solutions.

Launching the e-commerce website is not the end of the assignment –this is the beginning of commitments to customers and accelerated efforts to keep ahead of the competition. We, at Innoventity, have the resources to take complete e-commerce website management responsibilities for our clients.

Top-notch E-commerce Website Development Services in Kolkata

When it comes to developing smart and effective e-commerce websites, Innoventity is the best solution for you. Over the years we have created websites and applications for the biggest names in e-commerce companies.Working with them has given us the opportunity to learn the sense and sentiments of the market.

Our e-commerce website developers are experienced to deliver our clients hassle-free responsive websites and apps that are compatible across devices.

Mobile E-commerce Development

The development of mobile phone industry has dramatically triggered the sales and purchase model of e-commerce sectors. 48% of the overall eCommerce transaction made using a mobile phone these days. Being a renowned eCommerce website development company in Kolkata, we never fail to set our deliverable.

We develop websites that are compatible to mobile devices. Being available on mobile phones makes your e-commerce business so much more accessible to a larger audience, ensuring better chances of growth.

Why is Innoventity the Best E-commerce Development Company in Kolkata?

We believe that smart products are built by the smart people only. Our team has experience of creating products smooth a seamlessly. We consider the best tech and better ideas to be the only way to provide trendsetting services to our clients.

Here are some of the software, we use to provide our eCommerce solutions –

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Magneto
  • Shopify
  • Ruby on rails
  • PWA
  • AMP

Top Features of Innoventity’s Market Place Solutions

Since inception, we have gained significant domain expertise in delivering eCommerce web development services. We have built a class apart solution for business to deploy their market place. This solution might work for you as an accelerator to create your e-commerce product on, and help in cutting the time to market as well.

  • Seamless product browsing
  • Customized viewing
  • Billing and customer service
  • Shipping, tracking, and orders

Our Workflow

Spanning over 12 years, we have acquired in-depth knowledge, experience over all the prevalent and upcoming software,and earned industry reputation. You will work directly with our developers. Based on your answers, ideas and inputs, we will proceed to meet your expectations. There are no limits to the number of refinements you can make, and assignment will not complete until you say it is. We at Innoventity, have everything you need for your e-commerce site at affordable rates.

Do you still have a query? Place your query to our experts. We will reach you soon.

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