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Mobile Application Development

Hire Our Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata and Engage with Your Audience

Mobile application happens to be the most engaging platform in recent times. In fact, every business needs to have an app store presence, to pitch in their products to the prospective customers. At INNOVENTITY, our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata is the right place for you.

Today, the business scenario out there is driven by cutting edge competition. And specially with the emergence of smartphone and android technology, the consumer behavior has changed and upgraded a lot. To take the leverage of this dependence of mobile app, we at INNOVENTITY came up with our android/iPhone app development services for you.

Our services are destined to get you the quintessential platform to connect with your target audience in a modified and advanced way. As a responsible mobile app developer in Kolkata, we help your enterprise to come up with the finest of the smartphone applications.

Partner with us today, and take your business to an all new dimension. 

Get a Robust Engaging Platform with Our Android App Development Services

The progressive advancement of technology has become a terrific boon for the modern day entrepreneurs. Especially the emergence of smartphones and android technology, has come up with the concept of mobile applications which consumers can install and browse.

With our android app development services, we are here to get you the perfect mobile app designed for your business.

With the help of a well optimized mobile app, your consumers can install it right away from the App Store. Once your visitor sign up, they eventually create a user account and start purchasing spot on.

In today’s time, this is the most trending and user friendly platform for purchase and procurements. And as an esteemed Web Application Development, we are here to get you on board. Partner with us today. 

Are You an E-Commerce Business Owner? Get an App Today!

As per a report of 2019, there are 5 billion mobile users, with an internet penetration of 57%. Almost 2.6 million android apps were downloaded in the first quarter of 2019.

So, standing in the era of 2020, it is the need of the hour for your business to opt for a mobile app. And if you are into e-commerce business, our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata, is right here to get you covered.

As an e-commerce business owner, our mobile application can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Sign Up Feature: The essential benefit of a mobile application is that, a user do not need to browse through the net again and again.A first time sign up is all one need.

    Then onwards, the user becomes a member and can continue shopping as long as they want. Just like any other mobile app development agency, we have sign-up features in the app we make, to encourage a membership platform.

  • Suggested Features: As a leading and pioneer Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata, the applications we design are enabled with suggested features.

    Whenever a user browse through a product, it also shows up the relevant suggestions which can be purchased along-with. This in turn helps to shoot up the sales volume by promoting impulse buying.

  • Crisis Alert: Promoting sales through crisis alert is an innovative technique in mobile apps. Often you may have come across alerts like “Only 2 Left”, or “Limited Stock” and so on.

    These are such crisis alerts. This intrigues the visitors to take a decision right away before the stocks end up exhausted. This is an innovative technique of boosting sales, through a mobile app.

  • ‘Save For Later’ Features: Often the visitors select a product, but want to buy it later for financial or comparison related causes. But what if, if the visitor forgets about it in the long run?

    The apps developed by our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata, are inclusive of ‘Save for Later’ features. The users can easily save their chosen items in a separate box, and add to cart whenever they need.

  • Comparison Features: Our e-commerce applications are programmed to provide similar products in suggestion, while browsing for a product in stock. So, the user eventually gets to compare across a variety of the same, and make a purchase as per their choice.
  • Repeat order from History: Another essential feature of our e-commerce app is the repeat order features. Every order you make are stored in the order history of your account.

    So, in case you need to repeat a transaction, you can just visit the particular section and repeat it right away. You do not need to waste your timeby re-browsing the same items and adding it to the cart for checkout.

    And thus, if you are an e-commerce business entrepreneur, our android app development services can be your ultimate solution. Get an app today, and stay connected to your potential buyers. We are here to serve you.

    Why Should You Choose Our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata?

    Getting the right mobile application definitely happens to be the need of the hour, for your business. But then again, it is equally true that you need to rely on a dependable Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata. At INNOVENTITY, we are here to cater to your need.

    Some key factors which make our mobile applications as a ‘cut above the rest’ can be briefed as:

  • Interface: The mobile applications we develop are enabled with a seamless and user friendly interface. Even a layman or a technically challenged user will be able to use it smoothly, and fulfill his/her needs. This eventually make our mobile apps as a reliable and ‘easy to use’ choice, both for the clients and the users.
  • Zero Technical Glitch: Before launching our applications, we undergo repeated test runs and beta testing sessions. Our engineers, technicians and testers make sure that every speck of bugs and glitches are resolved completely before the app goes live. And this is one of the exclusive reason to choose our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata. Our apps never face a crash and disappoint the users after being launched.
  • Least Updates Required: A very annoying thing the user faces is frequent updates that the applications ask for. However, the applications we develop are strikingly different from that. Our apps need the least or bare minimum updates, and saves the data and memory of your smartphone.
  • Low Power Consumption: People never like those mobile apps which guzzle up a lot of your battery charge. And at INNOVENTITY, our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata do-comprehend this problem.

    And that is the sole reason, our engineers and fabricators design the application with low power consumption features and specifications. This makes our apps preferable and useful to the users.

Offline Browsing Available: At times, users may browse through the apps from an area where the internet connectivity is extremely low or nil. To avoid certain circumstances, our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata enable offline browsing facilities to the applications.

And thus, it renders a clear picture about why should you choose our Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata. With a seamless and esteemed record of service, we always look forward to let your business reach the further heights through effective mobile app solutions.

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