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Best Mobile Application Development in Kolkata

The digital world is changing by the day and more people are engaged in using their Mobile devices to get access to the world. More people are online today on their Mobile phones using various Apps to connect to the world and communicate. Most e-commerce transactions are done through the Mobile phones. Mobile Apps are the future of the digital world.

We are ready to develop your Mobile App so that your next big idea gets to reach the people. We have developed Apps in both Android and iOS platforms. We make pocket friendly Mobile Apps, for your business, your online store, your networking App or your Website. We are here to develop what you need. Being Freelance Mobile App Developers our cost of development is lower compared to the big IT companies or Agencies yet we provide the same quality and value. We are Freelance Mobile App developers with experience of almost 6 years.


Best Mobile App Development by Innoventity

Innoventity Systems focus on the comprehensive view of mobile applications development. It is imperative for us that the mobile applications which we are developing to be secure, reliable and also meet high standards. We are able to consult, deliver and support multiple mobile solutions which meet and also exceed the client expectations. We provides quality mobile applications for both iOS & Android platforms. We offer services for the development of various mobile applications.

Native Mobile Applications: These are mobile applications which have been developed so that they can be used on the particular platform or even the operating systems such as iOS and the Android system. The native apps are written in the languages which the platform does accept. Besides, they have also been built using specific IDE, Integrated Development Environment for any of the operating systems, including the Android Studio for the Android Apps and the XCode for the iOS Apps.

The principal advantage of the native apps is that they do optimize user experience. By being designed and developed for that particular platform, they can look and also be able to perform much better. Some of the examples of most popular native applications include Instagram for the Android, WordPress for the iOS.

Native mobile applications get to be built using the following languages: C# for the windows applications and Java, Kotlin for the Android applications while iOS applications are made using Swift or the Objective C. We also have used other technology stacks for faster development like – Angular & React JS Frameworks, PHP, HTML5

Hybrid Mobile Applications: These are mobile applications which are developed so that they can be used across multiple platforms, that is, they can be deployed on both the Android and the iOS platform. The Hybrid mobile applications get to be built in a very similar manner as the websites. Both of them tend to use a combination of the technologies which includes HTML, CSS as well as the JavaScript. However, instead of focusing on the mobile browser, the hybrid applications do target the webView hosted inside the native container. This does enable them to do things such as accessing the hardware capabilities of the mobile device.

Currently, most of the hybrid mobile applications do leverage Apache Cordova, which is a platform which can provide a consistent set of the JavaScript APIs to access the device capabilities. This is mainly through the plug-ins that are built with the native code. Some of the hybrid applications include TripCase and MarketWatch.

Progressive Web Mobile Applications:These are a web app which can use the modern web capabilities to be able to deliver an app like experience to the users without the need for you to be able to install it. You do not need to download these mobile applications from the Play Store or even the App Store. They can be accessed by the web URL that can always be pinned or even saved on the phone home screen. These particular apps have been built using technologies such as the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Top Mobile App Developer in Kolkata

We work the best solution for you – either native or hybrid, helping your App to get connected to your audience. We assure the realibility and value for money for your App and develop it exactly to your need. These days you can’t wait for anything to happen and creating a Mobile App for your business or store is a primary need and we are ready to help you.

If you are an individual, an entrepreneur or a startup Mobile App is the next best thing for the digital world to get your business and ideas going.

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