Saas Service as Software

Saas Service as a Software

  • Software-As-A-Service is delivering an application process over the Internet as a service. INNOVENTITY is providing Saas Service as Software to reduce costs and help to grow your business. We use a cloud-based software delivery model, which allows the Saas application to run on the Saas service provider without installing and maintaining software on-premises. This application will run with internet connection. Consumers can also integrate SaaS applications with other software using APIs.

Different Categories of SaaS

Content Management System (CMS) SaaS-

Generally CMS is designed to create and modify the content. CMS SaaS, help to access the platform through various web browsers and collaborate on content creation. CMS include various features like content creation, organization, user collaboration, publishing, customization, analytics and maintenance. INNOVENTITY leverage CMS SaaS by streamline their content management processes, reduce infrastructure costs and focus on engaging content for their target audience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SaaS -

CRM SaaS is a cloud- based solution that helps businesses to manage their customer interaction, sales processes and overall customer relationship. INNOVENTITY with the help of CRM SaaS centralizes their customer data, tracks leads and opportunities, automates sales tasks and provides better customer support.

HR SaaS Application -

Through HR SaaS Application organization can streamline and automate various HR processes. INNOVENTITY offers different HR tools like payroll, recruitments, time and attendance tracking, performance management and many more. Through HR Saas, INNOVENTITY can access and manage HR operations from anywhere, anytime using a web browser or mobile device.

Project Management SaaS Application -

Project Management SaaS Application assists in planning, organizing, executing projects efficiently. INNOVENTITY with the help of project management create project plans, assign tasks progress, allocate resources and communicate with stakeholders in real time.

Saas Service As A Software

Benefits of SaaS

Cost Effective-

INNOVENTITY use SaaS to reduce cost-effectiveness, through the cloud on subscription basis, eliminate the need for upfront hardware and software investments.

Time Management-

Time is everythings. Proper time management can help you save both. INNOVENTITY with the help of SaaS improves efficiency, ensures higher output and delivery software updates timely.

Scalability and Accessibility-

INNOVENTITY users can update SaaS models as per their need. This results that they have an accessibility to use it from anywhere. This will be useful for home workers and those who are working in multiple locations.

High Compatibility-

INNOVENTITY taking help of SaaS ensure that the users can access to the most upgraded software, so that no compatibility issue will occur.

How does SaaS work?

SaaS is a cloud provider. It helps to manage the cloud environment in which software is being hosted. SaaS takes care of all bug fixes and other general maintenance for the apps. INNOVENTITY uses SaaS because of its flexible nature. Some SaaS applications are pre-configured plug-and-play products that are maintained by the providers behind the scenes. 

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