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SEO optimization and digital marketing

Best SEO/SMM Services in Kolkata

An important activity after your Website is ready is to get visitors to your website. This means to provide a way to get more traffic to your website. More visits mean more people get to know about you, your products or services, hence bringing more business. SEO or Search Engine optimization is the best way to bring traffic to your website through web searches on major Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

We provide complete SEO solutions starting from initiating Onsite SEO activities that effect directly the content of your website which the Search Engines look for in your website. Apart from that we also do Offsite SEO activities like back linking to your website, promoting content on Social Media. Your website is continuously monitored and actively promoted for indexing ensuring quantity and quality website visits for your keywords.

As a major part of SEO we make your website easy to understand for both users & for Search Engines. SEO is constantly changing it’s forms and our endeavour is to keep your website up to the mark so that it does not fall back in the competition and continue to rank on top of the lists. We ensure verified keyword results through our SERPs sent regularly.


Why Innoventity is your preferred SEO/SMM solution provider ?

  • We provide results that can be measured & compared
  • Professional market research & keyword analysis
  • We follow best SEO practices
  • Audit and optimization for future ready approach
  • Accurate and time bound reporting for analysis


Professional Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata

To provide complete Solution we also focus how your website gets the audience it needs. SEO or Digital Marketing how we call it gives your website the boost in terms of bringing visitors to your website.

Main SEO/SMM Service we provide:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing (PR, Guest Blogging)


How long does it take for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to become effective?

Changing times of SEO

There was a time when we used to stress on identifying the keywords i.e. relevant to your business, is better than your competitors and could get you more traffic. But with technological progressions over the last decade, brand-new trends have set a pace. With the use of voice searches overtaking the normal typing search, the words are specific to normally 2 or 3. Thus the use of natural language in search is commonly used. These words are relevant and very easy to gain traffic too. Thus the focus of plain old keywords is far forgotten. It is better if we use more and more natural language which could help us with a large number of searches in the long tail.


How long does an SEO Campaign take?

With every SEO campaign, one question remains constant- the time it will take for your web link to come up. Every webpage wants to be among the top rankings. The right answer to the question is nobody can be exactly sure of this. A number of factors depend on making the rankings come up and get more traffic to your website.

Month 1 – the first month focuses on strategy and planning. It involves website audit, keyword strategy with slight technical changes in the website. In some cases, technical research could take over a month also.

Month 2 – this is the month when you carry out your SEO activities. Linking profile, working on the content are some chores which could be done.

Month 3 – Here we can work on articles, blogs, and product and company information. With the increase in the content, you will see progress in your rankings. There are a few chances of sales lead being extracted too. But don’t expect much on these months.

During the later months, you should focus on PR activities and media outreach. Further adding conversion rate addition could help at this point in time.

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