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Hire Our Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata and Achieve the Extra Mile

Sustaining your business in this cutting edge competitive era is quite hard for sure. And to relieve you from the same, our digital marketing company in Kolkata is right here to offer a hand of help.

INNOVENTITY is a completely goal centric and ROI driven agency, providing seamless digital marketing services in Kolkata. We know that today, a lot of search queries are placed right in the world-wide-web, with relevant key phrases.

So, a strong digital footprint for your website is the need of the hour to reach your target audience in a jiffy. We as a reliable and esteemed agency, always facilitate you with the right service you need. Partner with us and make way to achieve the extra mile.

Our Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata is Exactly What You Need

Over the time, the city of Kolkata has witnessed a big paradigm shift in the business scenario. With the fast paced competition proceeding its way with a fanatic pace, eventual inflictions are predominant in the consumer behavior as well.

Therefore, to tap the right audience and pull in organic traffic in your site, our digital marketing services in Kolkata is exactly what you need. Nowadays, almost every purchase decision by the consumers are taken online. So, if your site do not appear on the top of the search results, then chances are high that your competitor will gain leverage of the same.

As an esteemed and credible digital marketing agency, we at INNOVENTITY never let that happen. We get you covered with the exact what you need and let you stay ahead in the competition. Join hands with us and pull in the right traffic to generate fruitful business conversions.

What are the Digital Marketing Services We Offer?

As a leading and esteemed digital marketing company in Kolkata, we at INNOVENTITY happens to be a complete three sixty degree solution for all your needs. With us, you can get the right solution which you need to pace up your business with a quick boost. A glimpse of our services can be briefed as:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Content Marketing

App Store Optimization

Therefore, once you partner with us, you no more need to worry. We are here to prepare the right strategy for your business and let it grow in the long run. Avail our digital marketing service today and make way to the digital future ahead.

Some Key Highlights of Our Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata

At INNOVENTITY, we always stood as a credible and esteemed name amongst the digital marketing company in Kolkata. As a veteran agency of digital marketing, we always believe in providing the best service and let your business achieve the further heights in future.

Some key highlights of our digital marketing service includes:

    • Increased Lead Generation by Pulling the Right Traffic
    • Increased Conversion Ratio with Effective Digital Marketing Strategies
    • Building & Promoting Brand Image through Online Presence
    • Engaging Platform to Create Customer Interactions
    • Increased Visibility of Brand to Target End Users

    Quicker Sales Cycles by Generating Purchase Impulse

    And for all the factors as stated above, our digital marketing company in Kolkata, stand out of the crowd. We are focused to benefit your business with measurable benefits and allow you to grow stepwise, to a better and wider horizon. Avail us today, and feel the pulse of staying ahead.

Why Should You Select Us?

  • Finding the right digital marketing company in Kolkata and e-commerce website development company, is not a child’s play for sure. To be honest, there are several agencies out there who are all set to flatter you with flowery promises. But once the ground reality strikes, it ultimately leaves you disappointed, resulting in an effort in futility.And that’s where we hit the mark for you. At INNOVENTITY, we swear by the motto to get you the best service for your business. And perhaps that is the reason, we have attained a long term goodwill in this particular genre.Some key reasons to choose our digital marketing company in Kolkata can be briefed as:
  • ROI Centric Model: Our team comprehends the fact that whenever you are opting for digital marketing solutions, you are actually making and investment. And obviously you are expecting return on the same.Our digital marketing company in Kolkata, never gambles with your hard earned money. We are driven by a complete ROI centric model, and ensure to get you the exact deserving returns for the investment you made.
  • Time Tested Services: At INNOVENTITY, our services are time tested for years. And till date we have facilitated several businesses to flourish and grow successfully through seamless digital channels.Therefore, whenever you partner with us, it is completely assured that you are at the right place. Our digital marketing company in Kolkata, facilitates you to grow and stay ahead in competition through effective strategies.
  • Efficient Team: An exclusive feature of our digital marketing company in Kolkata, is our team. Here, we are backed with a handpicked set of experts in our team. Each of our team members bear years of industry exposure in the relevant genre.So, whenever we take up a project, our team members start to work right away with the strategies, which fits to your business and facilitate it to sustain & generate successful conversions.
  • Content Strategy: The skeleton of digital marketing happens to be the content. And at INNOVENTITY, we are empanelled with a robust content team. Our team of content writer, are able to prepare the most appropriate and crisp content which defines our business and its offerings clearly to the audience.Also, the implementation of the right set of keywords, facilitate your site to appear on search results and allow your target audience to browse through it. This eventually creates engagement, and helps t generate purchase decision amongst the visitors of your site.
  • Remarketing Strategy: Remarketing is the procedure of re-targeting the audience who already visited your site but did not took a purchase decision yet. When it comes to our digital marketing company in Kolkata, we are an ace in conducting remarketing campaigns.This eventually results to increase the sales volume to a great extent, and accelerate the conversion rate by converting the aspiration group to membership. Our remarketing strategies are found to be effective in real time, and facilitated several enterprises to gain leverage out of it.
  • Monthly Reporting: While you are investing in a digital marketing campaign for your business, you do not need to take a note of the progress of your campaign, every now and then. Our digital marketing company in Kolkata, takes care of it for you.Our team takes care of every nitty-gritty, of your campaign and provides a detailed monthly report on the basis of it. So, by comparing the monthly reports, you can track your growth and figure out how the campaign is performing& how your company is growing ahead.
  • Goal Centric Campaigns: As said earlier, we are a completely goal centric digital marketing company in Kolkata. We never believe in ‘trial & error’ practices and gamble with your campaign. We specifically target the exact niche to which your business offerings are destined.Therefore, the random crowd becomes filtered out at the first place. So, the traffic pulled in your site happens to be purely from those who are actually searching for you. As a result, the number of leads & conversions increase to a great extent.This, in turn, generate sales and revenue, and also encourage repeat purchase from your patron base. This goal centric approach thus facilitate in driving your brand to further excellence through goal centric digital marketing campaign.
  • Reasonable Pricing: If you browse through the pricing slabs and packages of our digital marketing company in Kolkata, you will find it absolutely reasonable. In fact, if compared with the other agencies, we can guaranty you, that no other company will give you so many benefits and assurance, in such a reasonable price structure.So, you can easily cut down on your unwanted expenses, and pay the right price for your campaign with us.
  • No Long Term Contract: Our digital marketing company in Kolkata, is extremely flexible in terms of contract. We never bind you up in a long term tenure, unlike many other agencies.Here, you can give us a try and check, whether you are satisfied with the progress or not. Although we are sure, you will be, yet, you can discontinue it any time you feel like. We are very much flexible in that regard.And thus, for so many reasons as discussed, we indeed stand class apart as a pioneer digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Pace Up Your Growth with Our SEO Company in Kolkata

We thrive in an era where digital media covers a huge arena. And especially in the world of promotion & marketing, a strong digital footprint is indeed essential to pace up your growth. At INNOVENTITY, our SEO CompanyIn Kolkata is a one stop solution to your need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) happens to be a trending buzzword in recent times. Over the time, the business scenario of Kolkata has witnessed a stunning paradigm shift.

And needless to mention that it inflicted a serious effect on the consumers too, leading them to place most of their search queries in the world-wide-web. Our SEO services in Kolkata is the right key to get your brand visible in such search results. Consult us today and widen your horizon to a digital future.

Reach Out to Your Audience through Our SEO Services in Kolkata

At INNOVENTITY, our SEO services in Kolkata facilitates you to get featured on the top of the search results. Whenever a visitor place a search query with a relevant keyword, it immediately features your brand at the top of the search results.

This eventually helps to pull you to pull in the right traffic to your site and create engagement, leading to successful business conversions. And, in this way, your brand gets visible, along with its offerings to its target end users.

As a credible SEO agency in Kolkata, we are here to provide you the visibility you deserve. Join hands with us, and look forward to achieve the extra mile you always dreamt of.

What makes Us the Best SEO Company in Kolkata?

To achieve the best results, you need to get in touch with the best SEO Company in Kolkata. And at INNOVENTITY, we live up to the claim.  We are a 100% goal centric and strategy driven organization who always look forward to get you the deserving ROI against your investment.

And while discussing about the best SEO service company in Kolkata, we confidently plead you to ask any experienced personnel in this vertical. Almost 4 out of 5 people will recommend our name. Some key reasons which bring us the fame can be briefed as:

  • 100% White Hat SEO Techniques
  • Handpicked Panel of Experienced SEO Experts
  • Completely Result Driven SEO plans
  • Time Tested Strategies by Experts
  • 100% ROI Driven Model
  • Guaranteed Results with Measurable Benefits
  • Best Strategies as per Industry TrendsAnd thus, with the set of benefits as stated above, we indeed stand as an acclaimed and esteemed SEO company in Kolkata providing seamless services to the patrons.

    We Facilitate You to Get Assured Results

    To avail the best results, you need to choose the best SEO services. And that’s where, we hit the mark for you. At INNOVENTITY, we always assure you to get the best results. Some key benefits include:

  • Towering Boost in Sales: With effective SEO strategies, you can reach out to the exact target niche who are searching for you. As a result, the traffic you pull in to your site are completely filtered and relevant to your offerings.This helps to create relevant engagement to your site, and let your visitors take a purchase decision right away. And that’s the way, our SEO in Kolkata gifts you a towering boost in sales.
  • Increased Conversions: Our optimization techniques are destined to render you stunning results. We let your website to get visible to your target audience and pull in the right traffic.This eventually creates engagement in your site and let them explore through the products and offerings you have in store. And thus, our SEO company in Kolkata facilitates to generate successful business conversions.
  • Consistent Flow of Business: As a reputed SEO company in Kolkata, we never allow your business to shoot up the growth and let it fall apart in a short span. That hardly renders any benefit in the long run, and affects your brand image as well.That is the reason, we optimize your site in such a way, so that a consistent traffic flow sustains in your site. And thus, for a prolonged duration the engagement remains consistent, which adds up to the growth curve of your business.
  • Exploring the Scopes & Opportunities: Our SEO Company in Kolkata, is an ace in providing you the chance to explore through the scopes and opportunities. Depending on the demography and range of your business, we provide the exact SEO service & plan you need. For example, if your business in focused to cater to the local crowd only, we strategize the plans accordingly to focus on Local SEO and bring in the local traffic.Again, if your services are available all over the country, then we strategics the plans accordingly to focus on National SEO. Similarly, if your catering range exceeds beyond the national border, we plan for Global SEOIf you have a mobile app and want your users to engage through the same, we make provisions for App Store Optimization as well. Depending on the model of operation, we have the right SEO plan to let you explore through the scopes & opportunities for your business.
  • Measurable Growth: Here with us, you can measure your growth. Our team always keep an eye on the campaign, and prepares reports accordingly. By comparing the reports, you can check your growth over the time, and measure the benefits you minted out.So, as discussed, the pointers clearly render a vivid scenario of how we facilitate to get assured benefits. As a reputed and responsible SEO company in Kolkata, we treat your business just the way you do. And with us, you never get a chance to regret, and always look forward to achieve the further heights.

    Why Should You Choose Us?

    True is the fact that, a quick treasure hunt will render you a lot of SEO Company in Kolkata. But, not every random agency will live up to what they commit. And, nor they deserve your trust and the hard earned money you are investing for your campaign.

    However, at INNOVENTITY, we are here to get you covered. Till date, we have facilitated several business enterprises to grow and gain sustainable growth in the long run. Some key reasons to choose our SEO company in Kolkata can be briefed as:

  • Monthly Reporting: Whenever you are opting for our SEO services, you do not need to monitor continuously at the progress of your campaign. Our team of SEO experts do the task for you and prepare a monthly report on the basis of the assessment. You can compare the reports and track your growth in the long run.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): As said earlier, we always work on an ROI driven model. Our SEO company in Kolkata, understands the fact that whenever you are investing on an SEO campaign, you are shelling out your hard earned money. And thus, we assure, that you get return for the every penny you invested here. With us, you are always on the gaining track.
  • Time Tested Services: At INNOVENTITY, our SEO Company in Kolkata should not be confused with any new kid on the block. We never indulge in ‘trial & error’ techniques, and gamble with your hard earned money. Our strategies are time tested, and proved to be successful for years. Hence, once you opt for our SEO service, you eventually land up at the right place.
  • Reasonable Pricing: Our SEO company in Kolkata, provides the most affordable service in town. If you compare with other competing agencies, you may find cheaper versions for sure.But that will ultimately land you up in big time disappointment, and your entire investment will be in vain. So, never lose the game, running for shoestrings. Pay the right price and get the deserving return for the same. We are here to assist you.
  • No Long Term Contract: Unlike many other SEO company in Kolkata, we never bind you up in contract for long. We are extremely flexible in this regard. At INNOVENTITY, you can give us a try and just check whether it is working out or not.If you are not satisfied with the results, you can terminate the services right away. There is no hard & fastened rule that you need to continue for a considerable period. However, we are sure that. Once you give us a try, you will eventually start to love it and continue the journey with us.

No Hidden Charges: Often, many SEO company in Kolkata, is found to attract the clients with an attractive price. But later on they start imposing hidden charges, and the client concerned end up paying a lump sum, unnecessarily.

However, with us, there is no such chances of ‘bait & switch’. We always believe in transparency and maintain that meticulously while offering our services. Here with us, what you see in our rate card is exactly what you pay.

And thus, at INNOVENTITY, we stand as a cut above the rest amongst all the other web design and development company in Kolkata. With consistent effort and quality service, we always strive to foster and emerge as even better, with every passing day.

Import Quality Leads with Our Social Media Marketing in Kolkata

Social media has taken our lives to an all new dimension. And needless to mention that the business scenario bout there is no exception as well. At INNOVENTITY, our social media marketing in Kolkata facilitate you to connect to the right audience searching for you.

Social media is such a platform, where billions of people stay engaged & engrossed. So, to pitch your product to the right audience, what else can be best that such a robust medium?

Our social media marketing services in Kolkata, facilitate you to connect to your target clients right away, and import quality leads for your business. Partner with us today, and make good use of social media for your business.

Create Engagement with our Social Media Marketing Services in Kolkata

Social media is perhaps the best place to create engagement to your target audience. Especially in today’s era, opting for social media marketing services in Kolkata can allow you to reach out to specific people who fits with exactly what you offer.

At INNOVENTITY, we are a reputed social media marketing agency in Kolkata, who facilitate you to the same. With us, you can reach out to audience out there, as per their lifestyle, demography, age and several other criteria.

So, eventually you import the right leads for your business, leading to successful business conversions. Partner with us today, and reach out to the active audience out there, active in social media.

How Our Social Media Marketing Make a Difference?

At INNOVENTITY, our social media marketing in Kolkata is not just like any other ‘me-too’ agencies. Here, we make a difference with our quality, process flow and deliverables. With us, we never let you raise a complain.

Some key factors which make our SMM services exclusive can be briefed as:

  • Research Oriented Targeting: The very first step we follow in our social media marketing services, is a research oriented targeting. In social media, there are active users from all walks of life. But we always undergo a deep research to filter out the exact niche, which fits to your business offerings.
  • KEP based Execution: A unique feature of our social media marketing in Kolkata is KEP based execution. KPI literally translates to Key Execution Pointers. It helps to ascertain the advance toward the objective of your campaign.Also it facilitates to figure out, how the achievement from the campaign looks like in quantifiable terms.
  • Time Based Activity: As a responsible social media marketing agency, we understand the fact that not every audience remain active within a speculated part of the day.So, depending on the target crowd for your business, we make a proper estimation of the most active time of your target niche in social media. And on the basis of that, we execute the campaigns.This eventually results in optimal engagement & fruitful conversion for your business.
  • Engaging Content: Content happens to be the backbone of a social media campaign. And at INNOVENTITY, our social media marketing in Kolkata is no exception in the same. Our content team produces the most crisp and engaging content which immediately catch the attention of your target audience.
  • Catchy Design: An alluring social media campaign always catch the attention of the audience. And for that, it is essential to have a catchy design for the campaign, which allows the visitor to click through the ad.This eventually brings in the relevant traffic and allow your visitors to take a purchase decision right away.
  • Re-marketing Features: An essential feature of our social media marketing in Kolkata, is the re-marketing features we provide. Many a times, it happen that a visitor click through an ad, but keep the purchase decision for later.However, with time, the audience concerned may forget about the purchase decision he/she took. Our re-marketing re-targets those audience and specifically remind them about the purchase decision they took once.This helps to increase the sales & conversion to a great extent.

    And with all the features as stated above, our social media marketing in Kolkata makes a difference. At INNOVENTITY, our focus is to get you the deserving returns through the effective campaign we organize for your business.

    Partner with us today, and get growing with increased sales & conversions.

    What Do We Provide in Our SMM services?

    At INNOVENTITY, we provide a complete and comprehensive solution to your business through our social media marketing in Kolkata. We are a one stop solution from where you can promote your brand and its offerings through various social media platforms.

    The noted mediums we use to promote your brand includes:

  • Facebook Marketing:If compared in terms of engagement, the very first name with the context of social media, is Facebook. With our effective Facebook marketing strategies and tips, you can pull in a consistent inflow of fruitful leads and convert them to your potential membership group.Some popular mode of marketing through Facebook are -1) Facebook Page: A Facebook page is quintessential for any business, especially when it comes to the modern day social media marketing in Kolkata. People can reach you directly with the contact information you provide in your page.

    Also they can use the navigation feature to reach and walk in to your store. Apart from all these, your audience can interact with your business through the posts you update in your page, and stay updated about the latest happenings in your business.

    2) Facebook Profile: A Facebook profile happens to be the virtual identity of your business, resembling just like an individual user. Our social media marketing in Kolkata facilitates you to create a dedicated patron base for your business through a Facebook profile of your enterprise.

    3) Facebook Group: A unique feature of Facebook is Facebook Group. It happens to be an interactive platform governed by admin & moderators.

    At INNOVENTITY, our social media marketing in Kolkata takes the effort to create, administrate and engage your Facebook group, to create engagement with your target niche.

    This actually helps a lot to boost up your sales and conversion, through mass targeting of your destined audience.

    And, as the features mentioned above, you can use Facebook as one of the most powerful tool for your social media campaign.

  • Twitter Marketing: Twitter happens to be another engaging platform which facilitate your enterprise to spread the word. A 140 character tweet can spread the word about the latest updates from your house and reach out to your target audience who are active on the platform.
  • Google +Marketing: An essential component of our social media marketing in Kolkata is, promoting your brand via Google +. Here, we make sure to share the relevant photos, videos, links and other updates which can reach out to the audience you are targeting.This in turn creates engagement and allow you to segment your followers in smaller and distinctive groups.
  • Pinterest Marketing: To talk about one of the most recent web based social networking & promoting platform, Pinterest deserves a special mention.This is a picture focused platform, where you can share the images of your products & services and attract your target audience to generate conversion. At INNOVENTITY, our social media marketing in Kolkata also facilitate you to grow through this platform.
  • Instagram Marketing: With the help of our Instagram promotions, your business always stay ahead in time, to your target end users. In fact, your users can check the updates on the move, by scrolling through their smartphones.Usually, our social media marketing in Kolkata, use two major types of Instagram promotions -1) Instagram Posts: A properly crafted post with the right description and the right application of hashtag can actually get a higher reach.

    2) Instagram Stories: It basically works on the views, and engagement created by a variety of stickers. Noted examples include, Poll Sticker, Question & Answer sticker and so on.

    And in this way, Instagram act as a solid platform of engagement to generate fruitful leads and successful business conversions.

  • LinkedIn Marketing: When it comes to a social media platform, specifically dedicated for professional connections, the name of LinkedIn strikes first in mind.At INNOVENTITY, our LinkedIn promotions help you to connect to the proper leads, especially in the B2B segment.Also it allows you to place requirements and let you acquire the right human resource for your organizational needs.

YouTube Marketing: To make good use of your video content for marketing, nothing can beat YouTube as a social media platform. Our social media marketing in Kolkata ensures that your brand get the right visibility to the right audience through this engaging video platform.

Depending on the search trend off your users, we place your advertisement right when they start to watch a video. Also, we run ad-sense in between a playing video which often catch the intense attention of your audience.

The cumulative effect of your video ads in YouTube facilitate to create successful conversions to a great extent.

And in this way, the pointers discussed above clearly depicts the fact that why we are considered as the best place for social media marketing in Kolkata and e-commerce website development.

Over the time, we have attained a goodwill with our unmatched service and quality deliverables.

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